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For the record, Firefox is safe enough as it is. It handles internet files pretty well. I think IE is similar but it's the ActiveX that freaks everyone out.

The only Firefox extensions that are almost mandatory are "Adblock" and "Adblock Filterset.G Updater". It's also nice to get "Toolbar Buttons" so you can get the Printer and ClearPrivateData buttons :)

Joao obviously did something to his firefox setup that isn't allowing cookies. I don't think scripts have anything to do with it. That should be all server side. Maybe he's turned into Gunter where he uses IE 4.0, disables cookies and scripts, and forgets his login info. :D
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I use IE6, Cookies are disabled - "scripts" are not, and I can't forget my login info because I have no login info.

Though PHPBB allows you to log in if your cookies are disabled.
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My mozilla is acting gay. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Right now, it worked :?
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