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Wii Quake

Post by Gunter »

I'm gonna start a post here to put information together that might help solve this problem.

I'm probably going to need to contact Baker, because he knows about this issue. Quakeone seems to be down at the moment, but if anyone could contact Baker and point him over here or get his email address, that might be helpful.

I'm trying to use one of the Wii Quake ports to play Quake online, but it suffers from that good, old "connection accepted, server to client keepalive" never ending issue that we usually solve by putting in the correct IP on the command line with the -ip switch.

The only server I can connect to with the Wii is IHOC, because it has the server-side NAT fix which apparently no other server has coded into it. Foq made a post at Quakeone to ask about this, but got no replies (this seems like something that should be coded into Baker's Proquake). (I'll edit in the link later, when quakeone is up again). EDIT: ah, it's back up: http://quakeone.com/forums/quake-help/s ... t-fix.html

Well, some of the Wii devs recently made an update to QuakeGX http://wiibrew.org/wiki/QuakeGX
So since they were paying attention, I posted about the NAT problem and linked ot one of Baker's posts which contains the fix for clients. See here: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Talk:QuakeGX#IP ... to_servers

So one of the devs applied that fix, and he said he was able to connect to fvf.servequake.com

But I have downloaded his fixed version, yet I'm am still only able to connect to IHOC, and other servers give me the same "server to client keepalive" repeating message and I can't connect.... I tried typing "ping" into the console, as I've heard that sometimes lets you get in, but that didn't help....

So what's up with that? There must be something else going on that Baker's fix doesn't address, unless the Wii dev somehow didn't apply the fix correctly (though I asked him to double check). The source code is available over here: http://code.google.com/p/quake-gamecube/

My Wii is connected to the internet using a belkin router attached to a cable modem, and I don't think I have any weird setup that would cause extra issues.... And I can still connect to IHOC.

I think we need more testers. Maybe someone could ask at Quakeone if anyone has a Wii and would like to test out the Wii Quake port to see if thyey can connect to servers other than IHOC.... (of course, installing homebrew stuff on the Wii will 'void your warranty')...
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