Colored Lights can Hypnotize

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Colored Lights can Hypnotize

Post by Gunter »

This topic is about playing with Fitzquake Mark V and colored lights (lit files).
...and seeing if NightFright will come post here.

I'm trying to get lit files for the Terra and Iikka maps. I've found two tools to do this, but neither one seems quite right. MHColour does well on some maps, like IKSPQ5, but for all the other Iikka maps, it only made the blue lights colored, and not the torches.

So I tried this program:

Quick reference, command line utility, to generate lit file: jscolour -lit ikspq5
If you tell it to modify the map file itself, you get a really psychedelic map!!

It did a really poor job of lighting IKSPQ5, but it does a great job of lighting the torches on all the other Iikka maps (even though it repeatedly says it's not going to work and suggests you abort)... though it doesn't light the blue lights, or the teleporter red glow (but it still produces a better result than MHColour for the other Iikka maps). It does have a configuration file that lets you tell it what textures you want it to light, and by how much, but I haven't messed with that.

For the Terra maps, MHColour again doesn't do the best job (mainly it's the torches that don't seem lit with color). But when I try with JSColour, it runs through all the motions then gets to the very end and crashes when trying to write the lit file for any of the Terra maps....

Anyway, NightFright, if you want to mess with these programs a bit more and see if you can produce some pretty lit files for the Terra and Iikka maps (download the map packs from the main page), that would be great.

We don't actually have an FvF server running at the moment... but I recently got a fast connection, so I may run one occasionally when I want to play. Fitzquake Mark V just makes everything look too good to resist playing some Quake, while still retaining the original feel.
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