Making the Monk throw a decent punch.

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Making the Monk throw a decent punch.

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Samain mentioned the fact that when the Monk class uses his lunge punch attack, it just looks like a regular axe attack to other players. So I decided to see if there were any animations in the original player model that would work for a punch (I did notice that in FVF registered, the Monk's axe is simply hidden, though the animation is mostly the same).

Note: I tried to limit candidate frames to ones that featured the axe, so that other players would still know that weapon #1 was selected. I also eliminated the death frames where the player is lying down, because I thought it would probably be impossible to work with.

Anyhow, after fiddling with the extremely frustrating QME for a while, her's what I came up with:

Making a normal face-height punch seems impossible. You could jab an enemy player with the blunt end of the axe, but that's about it.

The next best thing is a body blow, which you can do with one of the following:

Underhanded gut punch:

overhand gut punch:

the same, but rearing back (but a bit silly) for a more dramatic effect:
axpain4 (or axpain6)




More frames could be added, but I was trying to make a quick punch. QME kept renaming my frames, too, so I finally gave up on getting it just right.

BTW, the DOOM marine doesn't have a fist for his "fist" weapon viewmodel. Not that anyone uses the DOOM fist, but it might be something to add, since the animations and model can just be borrowed from the Monk's ogre feet lunge punch .

Sorry if this is completely stupid, but I haven't slept yet :)