Teach your kids to stop being afraid of the dark...

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Teach your kids to stop being afraid of the dark...

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... by making them more afraid of the light!

"No, Daddy! Please! Don't leave the night light on!!"

The Death Knight Light, another fine Reaperco product:


Ok, well, I had this old Death Knight's helm/mask, which I used for halloween many years back, and after that I just had it on display.... But then I think excessive heat and moisture got to it, and it just completely lost its structural integrity and the latex kind of melted in spots and got very brittle in other spots.... It looked like a wet ski mask... The face had torn apart at the eyes, and its left horn just completely wilted, hardened, and crumpled... even though the right one stayed firm and supple.... And the skull on top pretty much imploded.

But I thought it would be a shame to throw it away, so I used a lot of hot glue and cardboard to rebuild it and give it some structure, then I stuck a desk lamp with a red bulb inside it and hung it from the ceiling for a knight light.

That's all, really. I just wanted to get some pictures of it before it decides to implode again, since I don't know how long hot glue and cardboard will hold together the brittle, cracking, wilting latex!

(I was asked about my forum avatar, so I copied this over from the D&D forum I post on. This was from 2011. Currently the mask has re-deteriorated quite a bit....)
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