Quake Notify android app

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Quake Notify android app

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I encountered a wild Joao on the server last night, and he asked if I had an app or something that let me know when someone connected.

Yes, I do.... But all links to it now seem to be dead.

The app is called Quake Notify for Android. It will notify you when someone is on a server. I have it check every FvF 15 minutes.

Someone at Quakeone posted it long ago, and at one point it was available on Google Play, but as I mentioned, it's now dead in both places. Here was the Quakeone topic: http://quakeone.com/forum/quake-talk/qu ... ver-notify

Coincidentally, it was created by someone from Joaoland!

Anyway, I yoinked it off my device and uploaded it here in case anyone else is interested in it. You just gotta sideload it....

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