Severed - Quake mod

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Severed - Quake mod

Post by Gunter »

Way back in the olden days (the late 90s), there was a Quake mod called "The Severed Player Patch" which allowed you to use your axe to chop off the limbs of the other players. You could chop off their arms and legs, and they would be hopping around bleeding everywhere.... It was pretty cool.

It was followed by "Severed II - The Next Slice" which included some new weapons as well.

If you really search around, you may still find the first one.... But the second one seems to have completely fallen off the face of the internet.

I was mentioning them to Monster while chatting on FvF, so I started looking around to try and find them....
You can read about them on the archived version of the site they came from, but the links are all dead: ...

I got tired of trying to find them on dead websites, so I just booted up my old Win98 computer, where I still had them, and uploaded them here.

These should probably be spread around and send to other Quake archives so that they don't become completely lost to time.
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Re: Severed - Quake mod

Post by Pulseczar »

'Tis but a scratch. I don't recall ever seeing this mod, but it's great to find old things and share them with the world. Did you search the idgames2 FTP archives on This reminds me of a server with a neat mod back in the day. I don't remember whether it was a standard Quake server or a QuakeWorld server, but there was one server in the early days, called "DOOG!". Its address was It was a modded deathmatch server with unique weapons and such in it. I don't remember a whole lot about it at this point, because I haven't been able to find anything about the server since it was still running, in the 90's. But it was one of my earliest experiences of Quake online, and I was fond of the server.
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